I just learned about the wooly bear moth- it captured the attention of everyone who learned about it

The wooly bear moth is either in a cacoon or hibernating 345 days a year. It has about ten days in the spring to eat and find a mate. It made me think about how much of my life is spent waiting out hard times or storing up in anticipation for a time to move again.


I learned a couple things about light on the news

I learned a couple things about light on the news

I learned that there is light in black holes- anyone outside them just can’t see it.

I also learned why snow is so beautiful- it’s actually clear but looks pure white with light reflecting and twisting off all the intricacies of snowflakes- wow!

I didn’t learn this on the news but light is the only thing that acts as both a particle and a wave- let there be light! So, it makes sense in that most powerful sentence that life started with water and then light: and God said, let there be light: and there was light.

Thoughts on neuroscience and art

I’m fascinated by neuroscience. I think of phrenology, though, and how it was cutting edge science at the time. The idea of pointing to bumps on the head to explain emotions and character is a lot like pointing to nodes in the brain. I don’t think science can throw a net over what makes individuals quirky. Phrenology is a laughing stock now; we don’t laugh at cave paintings, and we’ll never laugh at Homer or Chaucer. Read Hawthorne’s ‘the birthmark’: that’s what happens when you pursue beauty or happiness with science alone.