What we can learn about movement from trees

Trees can only move by either growing toward the light whereby they also strengthen their ties to where they grew up, or by getting help to plant seeds


I watched the documentary Fly Fishing in the Anthropocene and it made me wonder if in order to keep wilderness we need to use draconian big government laws and nudges to stop humans from ruining it? If people are left to run wild does that necessarily lead to people snuffing out so much of the biodiversity and wildness in nature- how can all the good stuff in nature and human nature run wild? It seems to me that rules tend to weaken the good and the bad in people (some rules tend to weaken both to varying degrees, but nevertheless all rules weaken both when enforced to the point of taking away freedom). The ideal is when there are healthy face to face relationships and people bring out the best in one another and nature.

The most inspired scene in Dunkirk- a triumph of good over evil in the heart of a man

The bad feelings welled up in me when the shell-shocked soldier, who struggling to flee more horror and death had mortally wounded a young man, later asked the dead man’s friend if the wounded man was ‘all right.’ The shell-shocked soldier didn’t know the young man was dead below deck. When the dead man’s friend pauses I felt his internal struggle and I lost it in my own mind- the struggle when evil starts to misguide your passions; when he replies ‘yeah’ it was a revelatory lighting bolt- the wisdom and the mercy of it. The dead man is all right if you have faith in heaven and grace, or even if you have faith in the rippling effects of sacrifice and heroism. More than that, by releasing the shell- shocked soldier from that burden, the soldier may live again.

I have some observations about really bright, talented people 

I’ve been around some very bright, talented people during my time in the academy, and I noticed that these people are like very strong swimmers: the direction of their effort- the pure purpose- really is more important than their ability. I think a simple person doing a doggy paddle toward shore is better than an Olympic swimmer with great technique and strength going in the wrong direction- but then again that person might find Atlantis and return. 

The European court has ruled against the Russian ‘gay propaganda’ law 

I read that the The European court has ruled against the Russian ‘gay propaganda’ law- saying, “given the vagueness of the terminology used and the potentially unlimited scope of their application, these provisions are open to abuse in individual cases.”  https://www.theatlantic.com/news/archive/2017/06/european-court-blasts-russias-gay-propaganda-law-as-discriminatory/530925/

I think that’s a good standard for laws and I’m inclined to totally agree with the ruling because the law is only capable of policing certain things. If the law isn’t incisive enough it becomes absurd and oppressive. The court would do well, though, to look at all European and Canadian laws through that same lens (Americans legally have the most expansive freedom of expression).

I can think of a few canadian laws and I gather Europeans have similarly stifling laws that certainly fit that discription of vagueness and potential abusiveness. The Russian law probably targets some speech and expression that is really harmful and misguided but it probably does a whole lot of bullying too. There isn’t a ‘group’ of people on earth that isn’t party to reprehensible speech or insightful speech. That’s the thing: although I would certainly like the government to ban a bunch of things I don’t like, I know it would be bad in the end because the government does a poor job of policing speech or personal ‘propoganda,’ usually just bullying political opponents in the end. The totality of life is too dynamic to police with legislation. The upshot is that the law can’t change hearts. The government can’t coerce people to be virtuous or tolerant- people need to discover and nurture virtue and tolerance on their own, and communities can help. So while Russia has a long way to go to be a free and tolerant country, we shouldn’t be smug and complacent in Canada: Canadians have our own vague laws and need to find virtue on our own.