Education: kids are purely passionate in our good and bad or high and low natures and they have their own characters and strengths—we should foster good, strong, humble, clever people Good strong people can be manipulated into doing wrong things, but not intimidated; good clever people can be intimidated but not manipulated. And people need […]

A great thing happened on a hike with my nephew: we stumbled upon a decent sized puffball mushroom and my nephew asked me if he could kill it. I paused to think of what would be the best course. I decided to ask him if that’s what he wanted to do, and I really didn’t […]

Blank slate, palimpsest, latent desire, piece of wood, or just an individual- what does it matter how you think of children?

So, this article got me thinking about pedagogy, and what I don’t go in for I read Pinocchio a few years ago (curious why some stories are bigger than their authors and some authors are bigger than their stories). Well, anyhow, there’s a great scene in it where a poor carpenter tries to bend the […]

I read about a guide in Gray’s Sporting Journal and I keep thinking about it

So, the angling editor wrote about a time when a guide told him his secret to success: he made his sports pick their own flies, because then they cared about them more and they fished with more purpose and the experience was more memorable that way. Well this really got me thinking as a teacher […]