I watched Crimson Peak and it was a good Halloween time diversion

It had an alluring look to it, and it was a good diversion. I also think it illustrated an important point: you can’t find a technological solution to stop moral problems from gnawing away at you


I read about a guide in Gray’s Sporting Journal and I keep thinking about it

So, the angling editor wrote about a time when a guide told him his secret to success: he made his sports pick their own flies, because then they cared about them more and they fished with more purpose and the experience was more memorable that way.

Well this really got me thinking as a teacher first. It’s so important for a student to know why something he is learning is important to him personally.

I think I’m also drawn to this little anecdote because I like ‘picking’ with my brother- driving around and finding something interesting.

Then I thought about how it’s very easy to care about something we pick- also how we sometimes care for things we don’t pick, though.

When you love somebody you don’t lose your freedom to pick- it just isn’t as important anymore. You’re happy just to be with that other person, so that everything she picks makes you happy and you care about it.

That’s the mystery, eh? How much do we pick our love and why is it that we don’t care as much about picking afterwards? You can pull at the picking end of the thread or the loving end and you’ll just make that knot tighter, I think.

I’ve written about virtue and freedom of speech and have some more thoughts

Freedom and virtue are like wings- you need both. If you don’t have freedom, it’s impossible to act virtuously because the heart and motive are a big part of it- otherwise all you have is the virtue of a puppet. If you don’t have virtue, you’ll lose freedom because you’ll end up a slave to things you really don’t like- like fear or greed.

I’ve also written about the relationship between freedom and happiness. You’re free and happy when you have the heart strength to do the things and be with the people and be in the places you truly want. It’s the freedom of a hug