The government works for you in Canada

The government of Canada works for you: if you build your mansion in a flood plain, the government will buy it from you after the flood; if you make 200K a year and feel like you’re being squeezed in the middle class, you’ll get tax relief; if you’re the son of a lawyer, you’ll get your prescription drugs paid for just like the next young person; if you want to drive a luxury Tesla sports car, the government will give you a big discount- if you work every day but can’t afford to get your teeth or eyes checked, the government isn’t working for you yet, though- how about we get the government working for the working poor or let’s start limiting the government


4 thoughts on “The government works for you in Canada

  1. Here in the U.S. It seems like people have been brainwashed into believing this kind of setup is an impossible fantasy. We literally can’t believe we might be entitled to these types of services – that absolutely every good and service you reviews should be the direct result of your own blood, sweat and tears. It yield and admirable work ethic I suppose, but also grave health problems. It’s barbaric.


      1. It is a kind of brainwashing- and I can’t compare Canada to the States, but it seems to me that there’s a safety net for people, but they feel forced to drop out and that doesn’t make anyone feel good, and then there are targeted tax breaks, nudging subsidies, and needless loop holes that are exploited by the wealthy- so I’d like to see a guaranteed minimum income and a simplified tax structure that’ll be fair and get more people involved in their communities because I believe if we had a garanteed income most people would either work more for some more money or choose to get by with less and volunteer- as it stands so much energy is diffused by ‘gaming the system’ – oh and if we could also do something about the absurd liability chill that stifles a lot of community happenings then life would be more enjoyable too

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