I’m in the beginning stages of planning for a community music festival 

– instruments to set out and share with passersby: acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, cigar box slide guitar, mandolin, ukulele, banjo ukulele, diddly bow, dulcimer, wash tub bass, cajon, washboard, jugs, ugly stick, accordion, harmonicas, snare drum, stomp box, tamborine, hand drum, jingle bells, tin flutes, kazoos, jaw harps, spoons, shakers

Some songs to play: I’ll fly away, I’m a poor wayfaring stranger, the weight, up on cripple creek, the night they drove old dixie down, midnight special, looking out my back door, wild horses, to be young is to be sad, learning to fly, I’ve been everywhere, ring of fire, heart of gold, harvest, harvest moon, down by the river, how to fight loneliness, lowdown, the way that he sings, walls, working on a dream, California stars, new Madrid, north country girl, you ain’t going nowhere, sing me back home


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