creative writing vignette #4

The hazy silhouettes framed by the glow of personal devices coupled with the murmering noises simulated the feeling of uneasy sleep, and then came a cracking sound and a white overhead light blinding the crowd for a moment. The amateur comedian strode onto the stage with his whole body seeming to rise higher with each step, until he stopped at the edge. Like high tide everyone in the audience swelled and then receded calmy. Eventually laughs sputtered out among the crowd, thinking the comedian’s sustained warm, welcoming smile was a put on meant to impel laughter. Still, the comedian kept smiling without irony or awkwardness. Sometimes there would be more laughter after another pregnant pause until everyone was either in elation surrendering their worldly cares and ambitions or frustrated to the point of snapping. In about ten minutes everyone headed for the doors some people going to the donation box to give whatever they had while others went to the box office to demand their money back. 


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