I’m halfway through the second season of Broadchurch

You’d think with the bucolic setting on the bluffs of the English Channel that Broadchurch was going to provide the classic British detective story that stamps out superstition with excellent reason and ultimately proves the innocence of everyone by deducing the identity of the criminal, delivering the satisfaction of order restored. What I’ve found so far is something different- a very sober meditation on the toxic effects of suspicion. So far, suspicion in Broadchurch has cast out the innocent with the guilty and then turned a mirror on the human failings of all the characters in town. I’m not sure how it’ll end, though- more like the worldly physical order expounded by Sherlock, or the majestic reason of divine justice and moral order in Father Brown, or something else? 

P.S. The show also has shades of The Moonstone as it shows us that subjectivity and objectivity both have merits, but it’s impossible to hold both views at once 


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