I’d like to share a couple more pieces of folky carving I’ve picked up 

They’re both charming, with really deep evocative titles too, though- ‘wurja burry it?’ (I think about the parable telling you not to hide your talents- to share and build and grow things- what are you holding back? The other thing is that once you hide your talents it can be hard to find them again) And the old seafarer in the back is titled ‘STAY AT HOME’

The wood duck is the most beautiful bird- my brother gave me the semi-Palmated plover, I have fond memories of one bobbing around the mudflat the first year in my first house, and I found the goldeneye, a bird I have fond memories of when I really started paying attention to birds again in adulthood in Ottawa,  carving with my brother at an antique market that’s now closed- the carvings were by an old captain on the Great Lakes


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