On David Adams Richards’s monumental moral landscape on the banks of the Miramichi

David Adams Richards’s stories are teeming with life, from heroes who find freedom by finding the light of a map and following it by heart;cowardly low lives on skid row as well as in universities, who lie and corrupt others, stumbling around alone in the dark; to rough characters who grip onto and bash into friends in the dark, and all the combinations and permutations between those possibilities. 

There is a glow from the divine beauty and intercession that glows with varying degrees over the fallen world. Why do good things happen to bad people and bad to good in his Miramichi world? Well, it’s because of the slings and arrows of fortune in a messed up world and because of human freedom and frailty that darkens that glow. Still, the glow brightens after a bad man lives but changes his heart because of his memory of a good person who died because of the vices of others. 


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