I wrote about the kicking position in football- now I’d like to talk quarterbacks 

There are different styles of quarterbacks and mind boggling stats to rank them. I really admire Herman Edwards, though- ‘you play to win the game’ and with that in mind, let’s talk about Tim Tebow. I can’t think of another quarterback with a winning record who can’t find at least a backup spot on a team. This year there are quarterbacks- over thirty of them!-   who start games and who have proven over a career that they lose more often than they win. So, why not at least try Tebow and see if he can win with your team too- what is there to lose? Your quarterbacks aren’t winning, no matter how many stats show they are better than Tebow or how natural their throwing motions. 

I would like a team to give Tebow a chance until he starts to actually lose all the time like it seems many people think will eventually happen. For full disclosure I’ll admit I probably take this position because of my dislike for the people who are his loudest critics. 


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