The memory is a strange many-splendoured thing

I didn’t read a novel cover to cover until university. I think I did voluntarily read a good chunk of The Catcher in the Rye in the eighth grade during independent reading sessions, though. I remember the gloomy warmth of walks in the snow around campus buildings, the smell of Vicks, and the observation that some people look better in yearbooks than in real life and vice versa for others. 

I’m going to go back to it and see what this constellation of memories means. 

I lost interest in the walking dead and I’m trying to get it back

I gather there are real zombies in nature- bugs or rodents hijacked by parasites. The zombie as a plot device is so powerful because it highlights what happens to people when they lose their hearts and minds and become nothing but a victim of circumstance- no inner life, no integrity- just a herd of flesh. The zombie is a form of low life, found in all walks of life, lacking imagination or fulfilling emotions. The living still have time for heroism, though. 

I’ve read some sane and some insane articles about recent elections 

There’s no doubt in my mind the ‘business as usual’ politics of piling on debt and those closest to government (big business and big bureaucracy) reaping all the benefits is sickening to so many people. 

Still, what politics comes down to now is ‘would you rather someone give you a bad or overly simplistic answer to an important question or preen and ignore it altogether?’ 

I’d like to talk to an economist because I’m confused and a little frustrated – I don’t know how an economy works

I don’t understand corporate governance- why don’t shareholders have more power? It seems to me that executives and insiders get lavish pay no matter the performance of the company under their watch. If executives were only paid by performance and shareholder satisfaction, I think that would go a long way in solving unfair hiring practices and perhaps have a wider ripple effect of justice and production. I’d say that’s the key to corporate reform. So, basically, I need an economist to tell me why that’s impossible. 

I would also like to ask an economist what personal finances would look like if all the energy and brain power now deployed to hoard and hide money was put to good use making things people want and need, benefits that should grow the economy as a whole (that is, if I understand economics at all). 

The satisfaction of Clint Eastwood’s man with no name is the satisfaction of the detective story

The man with no name is a force that blows into a town. The physical effects of the man with no name are the moral and psychological effects of sin and vice, selfishness, cowardice, as well as virtue. He wreaks havoc and people suffer and die or find help and strength to free their souls and live fully. The story ends with a restoration of peace and moral order, like the ending of a detective story.