I saw Hell or High Water

I saw this movie with my brother, and I’m grateful I did: it added a more meaningful medium to the movie’s atmosphere and message. 

The photography was beautifully enthralling, carrying the same sad, slowly shifting weather that surrounded the characters. Aligning the lost long way of life of the Comanche with the short lost way of life of the Cowboys, Hell or High Water expresses the feeling of regret when you’ve lost touch with family, tradition and land, even if that family and tradition had some very rotten parts. It also shows just a glimpse of the hope and fears of the next generation after it builds on, and then moves on from, that land. 


One thought on “I saw Hell or High Water

  1. I agree with your summary. My review concludes “This is a visually engaging and thematically rich film with an unexpectedly enigmatic ending. It will undoubtedly find a place among the nominations for this year’s best.”

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