I’ve read a few articles on political correctness the last few days

Political correctness and conformity are nothing new on campuses or in workplaces or anywhere I can think of at the moment, really. It’s always been that way, I gather. The good news, though, is that now, and at least for now, it’s not an inquisition or gulag. The worst that happens is you don’t get a degree or a job or maybe you can even get fined- but these forces of political correctness in North America can only take away your money and status, not your freedom. We should be thankful and on guard for this: that you can have your freedom of conscience and go fishing in North America. So, it’s good that there’s a backlash against PC because it is stifling, but keep in mind it could be worse. I want more freedom of speech and I don’t want the government to sell any crown land. 


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