Letter to Ed the star: Re: Liberals fundraising, Cohn

Dear Editor: The ban on taking money directly from donors over dinner is a bit like the emergence of a diving penalty in sports; the necessity for such rules is evidence we’re living in a degraded state of affairs



Re: Trout FISHING in America by Richard Brautigan

The book is filled with meta fictional virtuosity and playfulness. Still, the groundswell of it- the human need to be intimate with unspoiled natural beauty- isn’t obscured by the self reflexiveness. In fact, it is amplified by it- how we have messed up that beauty with our vanity and how beautiful it is when we are graced and our desire is made pure, and we fleetingly find that paradise that is in nature and in our imagination at the same time.

I couldn’t disagree more with part of the globe editorial on the Tragically Hip

According to the globe, the Hip’s music isn’t earnest, folkie, or patriotic- that’s right, to the board of the globe, the music expresses irony, snobbery, and a hatred for Canada. I suppose they have the worst sense of those words in mind. I just prefer to use words with their best sense in mind, though, so I think that their music is exactly earnest, folkie, and patriotic – because it expresses love, not detachment, and love of country and the folks in it!

I was struck by Gord’s showmanship the first time I saw them at bluesfest in Ottawa (I knew he is a great poet- watch his performance of ‘At the Quinte Hotel- and a great musician) but the way he moved and his energy was spectacular.

Re: Ex Machina and the calling

I think about that movie from time to time- that horrifying ending. What I think makes it so thought provoking is how the machine did what it was programmed to do. The programing was wrong-headed, of course. Humans have callings- that is our perfect programing, and we have the wisdom and the courage, the folly and the cowardice to follow our callings, or not.