I have some thoughts about home libraries


Jerry Seinfeld got me thinking when he asked during his observational comedy bit, what’s the deal with home libraries? He claimed these shelves are for holding the trophies of a reader, and while there is certainly something to that kind of egotistical showing off, there are more noble aspects of the home library too.

– The home library is to books what the gallery to art: the books on the shelves remind you what they have done and what they can continue to do for you, and more than that many books with striking or elegant fonts, endpapers, and of course, covers are visual pieces of art in their own right

– The books are there to edify the guests for a spare moment or loan on the way home

– then there is the consideration that those particular books can’t be replaced whether the particular book reminds you of a good time or place, and some people mark up there books with lots of notes (with varying degrees of insight and annoyance) and represent a growing experience.

– anyhow, I wouldn’t go as far as say everyone should have a library at home, but I maintain a collection of bound ink stained pages is still a worthwhile thing to have around


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