On the efficiency of form and function in nature

On the efficiency of form and function in nature

I once saw a big bird of prey in a nest on top of a hydro tower. I was driving to a friend’s cottage- pursuing the elusive peace of the country- when I saw the bird at the side of the road in front of acres and acres of tall white pines. The majestic bird didn’t give a damn what the hydro tower looked like; the bird just knew that, for whatever reason, it worked better than the pines. That the bird picked the hydro tower got me questioning why I regretted the fact I was leaving an old cottage and outhouse for the comforts and innovations in town.

I mean it’s kind of funny- we prefer the designs and feel of things in nature and wildlife often make do with the things we manufacture. The bird seems much more practical than I am. I wouldn’t give up my inefficient, unworldly nostalgic streak, though. The idea of peace and exhilaration that exists in nature somewhere between my memory and my imagination inspires me to build great friendships and beautiful things, and while many people say nature is indifferent, I’m happy I’m not that efficient (and I think every individual animal has a unique character).


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