I’ll muse about losers for a minute

There are few things as beautiful as a loser that makes you smile, makes you believe in strength- the real kind. The real kind of strength is in the feeling of wholeness, an irresistible feeling drawing everyone. Losers often dream of travels, and for good reason. A new place, a different place, can make the difference. Ulysses Grant had a rather poor reputation but rose in places and circumstances that broke down other men with winning reputations. So, as a teacher I really try to keep this in mind: a loser doesn’t need to win to be great, and every loser can be called to victory somewhere else. Oh, and as for Grant, I can only hope to come close to the way an agent reporting back to Lincoln described Grant: “the most honest man I ever knew. Not a great man except morally ; not an original or brilliant man, but sincere, thoughtful, deep and gifted with courage that never faltered”


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