I have a head full of notions and want to run for office on the following platform:

  • 100% inheritance tax, increased sales taxes
  • I’d eliminate all tax credits and deductions
  • guaranteed minimum income- eliminating all other credits and transfers (the very few people who don’t want to work and want to have others pay their way are already doing that- by replacing the absurd and convoluted safety net now that claws back anything earned by anyone who finds themselves at the bottom people would be free to benefit from more choices and everyone would benefit from people working towards their dreams and helping their families. So, very few people would continue to just take from others, a larger group of people would volunteer and do good things and be satisfied with the minimum income, while others would take a tiny wage to enthusiastically contribute to something they’re passionate about, and many would continue to try to make as much money as possible in a more coherent marketplace)
  • strong focus on freedom of speech and opportunity
  • I would also like to see a rating system for all public services- i think it works great for restaurants etc. (People recognize when someone is complaining for no good reason, but a complaint made in good faith needs a timely and specific response) 
  • Environmental stewardship- carbon tax- this is a democracy of future generations tempered by the wisdom we have received from previous generations of what Chesterton called the ‘democracy of the dead’ 
  • Rekindle public affection for what Edmund Burke called our ‘little platoons’ of family and community

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