I’d like to share some thoughts on movies

The Hustler: What can we learn from this movie? It teaches us that greatness is feeling like you are a part of something- the feeling of working with a purpose- and that losing because you care too much is better than winning because you don’t care at all. It’s better to have tried and failed than never tried.


Cool Hand Luke: People are drawn to and admire freedom fighters– running from all desire will only end in tragedy, though. It’s best to channel your desires to something larger and more beautiful.


The Verdict: Paul Newman has an outburst of righteousness and he is forced to ride it out—the movie shows us how important it is to do what is right, but it also shows us, heartbreakingly, how important it is to forgive


The Wolverine: A powerful flick about despair, and how when you get the gift of hope you have to fight the fear of failure and, occasionally, rely on others. It’s worth watching for a host of reasons: exciting action scenes, good one liners and moving drama, mostly. The Wolverine character simply and purely expresses a great truth: strength comes from healing.


X-MEN: Days of Future Past: it’s a better meditation on the treatment of outcasts and overcoming guilt and trauma than most movies- and as for entertainment, it doesn’t get much better.


Mud: Children are inspired by a fugitive’s love story, and love and youthful spirit are under attack by time and human weakness in Mud, a moving motion picture with the character of the big, muddy Mississippi on full display. You will smile in your heart when you see the river open up to the gulf.



The Seceret Life of Walter Mitty: I think this is an example of a great story finding the right voice, not the smartest or most eloquent voice, but the right one. The story tempers some of Ben Stiller’s annoying tendencies and focuses him, and his sensibility in turn gets the most energy out of the story. Plus, I really liked Kristen Wiig. Your dreams make things possible, and you will want to dream big after watching this movie—that’s quite a triumph.


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