What The Big Country can teach us about living in a time of big data

The marvel of Gregory Peck’s character in The Big Country is his integrity- how his virtuous vision isn’t compartmentalized or polluted by the crowd nor loneliness. What matters isn’t just what the crowd sees, it’s your way of being- whether or not you are fulfilling your whole nature. The Internet is very much another frontier, much like that big Country filled with petty busybodies in that epic western and I can only hope to act as well as Gregory Peck’s role.


Thoughts on David Foster Wallace

I watched the End of the Tour with my brother and what I took from it was that it’s most important to have fulfilling relationships- the opposite of the empty entertainment Wallace talks about. I love when he’s dancing in that Baptist Church. Anyhow, Dave Wallace’s writing about irony seems to be in the same vein as Oscar Wilde’s writing about sincerity- both showed that it’s diminishing to constantly think of yourself and the crowd and that it’s fatal to stop searching for the beautiful and sublime

Art for my sake and, I hope, yours too: Christopher Wood “Boat in Harbour, Brittany”

I have ancestors from Cornwall and perhaps Britton comes from

Boat in Harbour, Brittany 1929 by Christopher Wood 1901-1930
Boat in Harbour, Brittany 1929 Christopher Wood 1901-1930 Presented by Mrs Lucy Carrington Wertheim 1962 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/T00489

Brittany, so there may be something in my blood that draws me to this painting. Christopher Wood cultivated a childlike style, and it’s on wonderful display in this picture- look at the effort to pull anchor and the angelic country women in white in the foreground blocking the view of the anchor- the push of adventure and enterprise, the pull of homesickness and familiar charms- the Tookish and the baggins parts of Bilbo- lovely and lively

Thoughts on the silver surfer of my childhood

The silver surfer is just really really cool. That was the impetus for my beach lifestyle phase. You’ll also find some heavy duty philosophy in the comics, though. The question the comic poses is, how can you satisfy both your conscience and your insatiable boss? So, I’d say it should speak to most folks, and the silver surfer navigates that razor thin balance with imagination, compassion, and grit.