He who sings prays twice, I’ve been told- there is a voice inside and when you amplify it enough to really express it there’s the feeling and the expression of it- like a chord


Recollecting a wonderful trip to a trout stream with my brother in tranquility

I’m really looking forward to ice fishing this week, and I have an eye on spring too to try my own flies out on the stream for the first time- I have great expectations for my winged wets, soft hackles, and flymphs. For the naturalist and outdoorsman, the changing seasonal scenes always welcome new hopes and possibilities. The seasonal changes in the northeast make it so that we don’t get too much of a good thing, help us so that we never stop paying attention or never start taking beauty for granted.

The comments thread on news sites was a rare moment of pure democracy

It seems that comment threads at the bottom of articles are vanishing, and many bid good riddance for many good reasons. Still, this feeling of a free, wonderful, weird, expansive, disgusting, Wild West of ideas was really more like pure democracy because of the ‘vote’ or ‘like’ feature.

I read many vile comments- I must say, though, the top rated comments on mainstream news articles and editorials were always incisive responses to the ideas and deepened and broadened the conversation. I’m sure anyone who reads opinion pieces has read pieces that have an unbearable need for comment, and it’s unbearably stifling without that outlet.

Alas, for various reasons, some economical some ideological, news sites are either carefully curating and controlling the engagement with ideas or going back to a one way megaphone.

It’s far from perfect, but you remember what Churchill said about democracy, and I reckon, unless something drastically changes, people will look back on that early period when mainstream news began to mix with internet commentary as a brief and unique emergence of pure democracy- never before or since will there be an occasion and a place for so many voices to have an opportunity to engage in sober and passionate dialogue. That kind of dialogue, because of the vote or like feature, really did come to fruition most of the time on mainstream news sites, to my surprise and edification.