I’ll be fishing for brown trout in their native land for the first time when I return to where my ancestors lived. I tied a streamer meant to look like a little brown trout with cream badger underfur for dubbing, breast feather from pheasant for tail, and squirrel and calf tails for the belly and […]

I’m still trying to fill up that little aluminum box with winged wets—almost full of smaller soft hackles—I just tied up a leadwing coachman, a butcher, a white moth, and a real buggy March brown, and it has been cozy and delightful with my chubby old lovely hound next to me—makes me think of my […]

So my Grampa loaned me Madeleine Albright’s book on Fascism. I’ve read the opening chapter where she attempts to come up with a practical definition for the term with her students. She points out the danger in overuse and misuse of the term, and ultimately lands on defining a fascist as a politician who uses […]