I went back to my favourite trout stream close to home. I snuck out after work since the weather was fresh and sunny.

I tied on the royal coachman I put together on my bench this winter and quickly met this pretty little brookie

I stumbled upstream upon the heart of the river, a lovely ait- the brush around the banks of this section is too thick, and the grass too high, and the log jams too big either way to access it later in the season. I rolled a cast and mended right between the confluence and brought to hand the biggest brown trout I’ve had to hand- what a thrill with my short three weight rushing to the thrum and shake of life in the strong current!

I sauntered farther upstream, saw a red trillium and then heard that auspicious rattling sound just before I saw the kingfisher fly overhead, and that’s when I turned for home


All stories are biography and all pictures are portrait – they tell you something about the creator and eventually they all return to the Creator